Most frequent questions and answers

I received damaged goods!

We would like to apologize, for this inconvenience. To progress an exchange for your damaged goods, please fill out the form below.

Please choose "Damaged Goods" under Reason, and upload a picture of the damages. Please do not forget to include your order number.

**We take 1-2 business days to process the claim.


How do I Return an item?

Returning items with SAMA, is easy, all we ask is these four requirements.


Seasonal Items.

Open package items.

Items on Sale.

Items with stains, wear-tear, cracks, etc.

To return an item, please fill out the form blow, and select "return' under REASON. please do not forget your order number.

** Normal respond times within 24hrs.


Do I need Membership?


there is no subscription for our services. However, it is wise to signup for an account for faster checkout.

Do you Deliver Internationally?

SAMA and its partners, ONLY services customers located in the United States at this moment.

** Will be expanding our reach, to get the lastest news subscribe to our email list.

How do I Contact You?

you can view our Contact us page to get our latest contact info.

if you would like to shoot us a quick question through email, fill below.